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Land of the Dead

The day that we visit Lost Toldos came sooner than planned. Armed with our powerhouse casts, we travelled to the Deserted Quay, put on our Wheels of Destiny, and sprayed ourselves with Otite Perfume. We just have to take pictures of this momentous event first, hehe.

Ninazu, Luna, and Uzziel ready for battle!

Getting to Los Toldos is a pretty expensive trip. But as the game guides have noted, the cost is all worth it. Aside from getting either Edward or Kurt’s card, we also get to access the recipe inventory of some of the best weapons in the game: the elite baron weapons! Having a game guide is handy so as not to waste any time and mystery powders >.<

After meeting Kurt for the first time, we talked to the old gloomy man to get to Tierra de los Muertos (Dead Man’s Ground or Land of the Dead). I have envisioned this place to look somewhat like Albertal or Deprimida Valley – a dry-looking, desert-like place. When we got in, we were greeted by this enemy walking like a zombie. When I got a closer look, it was actually a female fighter in Le Blanc armor. Going in further we met dead elite basic characters dressed in elite Le Noir armor...what the heck, how come these enemies get to have these armors and I don’t >.< The place is nothing like what I had pictured. It was dark, gloomy, and creepy. The rundown faction colony at the center of the bridge made Tierra look even more neglected and forgotten. It was impressive.

Wizards by the moonlight: Sarasvati and Meios at the Tierra bridge.

We finished the quest pretty quickly. We decided to take one of each character so we can summon two different grim reapers, hehe. I got Kurt (with the black grim reaper), and my sister got Edward the emo (hehe) (with the white grim reaper). After getting the cards, we stayed in Los Toldos so we could craft the elite weapons. Ugh, by this time I am officially super poor. But, I was able to craft two items: Elite Muses Bahiastar (polearm for Luna) and Elite Resonance of Steel (pistol for Ninazu). After that, I also bought Kurt a costume (haha) for the most important finale of our Los Toldos trip: picture taking!

Garbed in white: The Hemonus and Trianna families at the famous tower in the Old Port of Coimbra, with the newest family members Tristan (Kurt) and Isaac (Edward).

The Bat Girls

With nothing much to do, playing GE has become boring yet again. And so, my sister suggested trying out the Golden Bat (GB) quest. We then travelled to the Capybara Plantation and got ourselves lots of food of capybara. These are needed to lessen GB’s damage to our squad through the Faith of Capybara buff. We actually tried defeating the bat without the buff, but we just kept on dying. After trying it again, we finally nailed the big bat and got ourselves 4 Capybara keys! These keys can be used to open some reward chests inside, or we can use them to open the 2nd and 3rd levels of the plantation.

Killing GB for the first time was exciting! We got stunned a lot. After this, killing GB is like warm-up for us, hehe (yabang).

After killing a lot of GBs, we were able to strategize and make the fights less troublesome. With my Luna playing the brave tanker, all others circled around the bat to stay clear from its stun attacks.

The master plan: With this strategy, we don’t get paralyzed a lot by GB’s stomping attack; thus, we get to attack more, and less time is wasted.

After getting enough keys, we used some of them to reach the second level, the Mine Passage. Mobs here are a bit tougher, but we were able to do the quest here easily (naks!). We have to get some pebbles here for the quest, and we didn’t get enough on our first try. So, the following day, I went there by myself and picked up enough pebbles for both of us. I can’t help but make the most of my trip inside the Mine Passage. And so, despite GB lurking inside the locker areas, I sneaked behind him and got myself some chips, coupons, and spinelles, hehe.

Project Runway

Last March, GE made some changes in Adelina’s booty search and put in some nice new costumes for us pioneers. The Crystal batch was composed of the new costumes for Claire and Grace, crystal rifle and pistols, and the pony tail hairstyle for the female fighter. I wasn’t able to get most of these as I have just wasted away my booty searches a day after this batch was introduced >.< Prices for these items were so expensive then in the market, and I tried my hardest not to waste my precious vis as I was saving up for something more important :D But then again I just have to have that pony tail hair for my fighter, hehe!

Anyway, this batch was soon replaced with the Summer batch, and this time I have the booty search to hunt for those summer costumes! This batch had the costumes for the female fighter and male wizard, the sakura branch weapon for the wizards, the skullic bracer for the elementalists, the cineraria costume for Emilia, the fallen wings (ala Sephiroth), and the fairy bob hairstyle (female elem). While doing my booty search, I was praying hard to get the costume for my fighter >.< But then, I got even more cool items yehey! I got the top loot Adelina Pirate Card (but I haven’t made her yet), the fallen wings back costume, and the Rose Camellia costume for my fighter woohoo! A few days after this, some players were also selling their rare samurai costumes for the female fighter; of course, I have to get that costume, too! Hehe, I just love dressing up my fighter :) Naturally, lots of picture taking followed~

Summer hits GE in style: Thanatos (scout), Luna (fighter) and Sybil (Emilia) in their new costumes~

My sister’s Emilia and Claire in their new costumes, and Luna donned in blue samurai kimono with her new do.

That day, we were so into taking pictures >.< Here, our characters were at the Office of Pioneering Support, posing as if in an afternoon tea party! One of GE’s good points is its graphics and artwork, and the best way to appreciate it is to put on the characters colorful Baroque costumes and strike a pose! A noob even went closer to look at what we were doing, hehe. We should have asked for a viewing fee.

Lucky Chick-en

With so much office work for me, nothing much is happening in the Hemonus household lately. As I was browsing the quests I still have to complete, I suddenly saw the quest for recruiting Claire, which I had started a long time ago. I have somewhat given up on this quest, as it is so hard to do, aside from the fact that at that time, everyone was so into this quest – the serene Bonavista River practically turned into a war zone because of it. The quest starts off easy, very easy in fact if you’ve got enough vis ready. Then, things start to get tricky when Claire asks to hunt for 2 unknown ores by killing Elite Storm Cockatrices. Being a new, not to mention cute, NPC, you just know there is a catch when the she asks for just “2” ores. The cockatrice is super rare and the quest ore drop is just as rare. At this part of the quest, I stopped trying and decided to continue when everyone else has recruited Claire.

And so, that time has finally come last Monday. My sister and I then went to Bonavista every night for the much-coveted ores. One thing that we noticed is that the elite cockatrice is not as rare as before. In one round trip, we could kill about 5 elites, sometimes even more. Rather than AFK, we do it the hard way and ran around the area – some said you get higher chances this way. Every night, for at least 1 hour every day, we would kill one chicken, after another. We even tried to see how the elites differ from regular cockatrices >.< By this time, it is now becoming obvious that we are growing tired and bored of all this hunting and chasing. At day 2 (ala Survivor), my sister finally got an ore...and poor me didn’t, even though we’re in a squad. So, I tried to continue with the hunt and at day 4, I finally got one ore. Saturday evening (day 6), we were at Bonavista again, hoping to finish the quest. Within 2 hours or so of hunting, my sister got the second ore...and guess what, I DIDN’T! Grrr, why?! I felt bad as I was the one who encouraged to finally finish this quest, and I was more eager to get Claire even before. I thought this was GE’s way of getting back at me for getting Viki (and the freakin’ mamund) in just 5 Violent Gehcos kills, hehe. *Sigh*, so anyway, I continued doing the quest by myself for 2 hours more...still no second ore.

I decided to just continue the following morning for almost half of the day – still no ore for me. Waaah, I’m ready to give up. So I stopped hunting for a while and went to Katovic and the Frozen Plain to hunt for cabbages, and unlucky me didn’t even get a single cabbage grrr. I went back to Bonavista after 2 hours, and in just a few minutes of killing about 5 more elites...

Woohoo! Here are your damn ores you...you...!

After that, I’m happy again and made Claire at the barracks. I named her Bridgette. I’m thinking of buying the Fraulein costume for her. But it was too expensive. Vis is hard to come by these days at GE, so I have to save up (for a brighter future hehe).

The Kiddie Team: Uzziel (Viki), Bridgette (Claire), and Cedric (Ramiro).

I was at Auch shopping at MM when this player saw my kiddie team. The family can’t help but typed in a local message, telling how cute my combination was ^^, and said he/she will definitely make one too in the future. I’ll be levelling up Bridgette to vet, so she could use the Marlin Cannon I “luckily” got from ABS. Right now, I’ll be using her to hunt some items so I could earn some vis hehe~

And yes, I wouldn’t like to set foot on Bonavista or see a cockatrice any time soon.

A Month-Long Post

February has been a busy month for me and my family. First, there was the event that I joined for the game’s annual Fantazzztic Ads Awards. This encourages players to come up with, mostly video, advertisements depending on the ad theme they are entering. My sister and I joined the Valentine category, wherein we have to show how we can express our love and appreciation to our love ones this season of the hearts – in GE style of course. However, there were so many talented and skilled participants that we didn’t win even the consolation prizes, hehe. But, we enjoyed this event very much, especially since most of the videos we liked won. This just shows that GE players are more than just skilled gamers!
This month, my sister and I were also busy with the Bahama and Katovic quests. We have started the Bahama quest last year, but we were stuck in the Frogfish (FF) hunt. Thankfully, the items in ABS were recently changed, and spinelles needed for certain difficult quest (or quests that you could finish with, well, mostly luck) can now be hunted. Naturally , prices of these spinelles were too high in the market; but I bought one, anyway >.< So my sister and I formed a squad to kill FF. Our venue: Thueringen Lakeside near the treasure hunter guy. After an hour of dying and resurrecting, we realized it is impossible to kill it with just the two of us (it’s hp bar didn’t even budge o_o). So, we gave up and left FF there – alive and wandering. After a few minutes, we decided to give it another shot. But then, other families saw us and joined in. It was not a pretty good experience as this one group from a certain faction didn’t understand us that we have to be in one squad to finish the quest. And so, this attempt to kill FF ended with the other squad killing it – thus, they finished the quest and we didn’t. Presea, my sister’s friend, told us that we should have done this in a more secluded place. One thing’s for sure though – we need a lot of families to help us. And so, my sister and Presea came up with the idea of rounding up people to join in our FF squad. We decided to do it on a Friday night at Ferrucio Junction. All in all, we have 7 families in the squad. I brought my fighters (Luna [fighter], Bellona [Idge] and Fabrice [Andre]) with me. This is actually my first time to be in a big squad; it was actually fun, but what a laggy event that was hehe. After 3 failed tries of getting the right FF, Swampy FF finally appeared on the fourth spinelle – and yesh, this time we finally completed the quest! Yehey! Thank you, dear squad mates for helping us b^__^d

The FF Squad

After, finishing FF, we continued with the witch hunt part of the quest. Saturday, we pulled an all-nighter to finally meet Sierra the witch! To help me hunt for low-level items required in this quest, I created new family members, Cedric (Ramiro) and Rajani (Lisa Lynway), yey! Near the end of the quest, our eyes were like this -_-, but they went like these o_o after finally getting the witch hat! Hooray! We finished the entire Bahama quest~ This means, Zeia, here we come!

The Hemonus and Trianna families with Sierra

Ready for Hogwarts: Goofing around with our witch hats~

After the Bahama quest, we put on our coats and mufflers for long days of hunting in the snowfield. The Katovic quest is much harder than Bahama’s. For one thing, enemies in the snow hit harder and spawn faster (I suppose because we can’t kill the enemies in one shot). Another point is the items required for the quests, which can mostly be hunted in the snowfield; some of the items drop rarely, hence expensive even if you buy them in the market.

Brrr~ First time in Katovic! Where's the bathroom?!

To break our hunting boredom, I decided to give Culverts and Zeia a shot; my sister went here previously with Presea. So, the three of us formed a squad to help me reach Zeian soil. The Culverts, which you have to go through to reach Zeia, is a dark, gloomy, and difficult area (my characters kept dying too ^^;). After doing the memo quest, woooot, I finally arrived at Zeia and said my hellos to Nar, Ania and Queen Hamaan. I also got my first taste of the Zeian monsters at the Twilight of Zeia – and I definitely wouldn't last there >.< But what a beautiful place!

Hello, Queen Hamaan! The DeSanggria, Trianna, and Hemonus families at Zeia.

Right now, I plan to level up my vet characters more to survive the Katovic and Zeia quests hehe. Also, I would have to get those Baron equips soon and make Kurt a part of the Hemonuses ^___^

Something New

A lot of new things happened last Sunday, which is yet another day dedicated for leveling up. First off, I would like to introduce the new members of my family (yey!).

[L-R]: Philomena (Romina), Bellona (Idge) and Sindri (Karjalainen) at one of Auch’s dark alleys. They appear to be fighting over something...must be about Karja’s voice over.

I wanted a veteran Idge and Karja for crafting higher-level weapons/armor. Hopefully, I get to achieve this next month or sooner. I can’t wait to craft my own Elite Bone Frame Armor for Luna and get a homemade Archangel’s Heart!

While leveling up at the FT mansion, my sister brought her very own Viki. Our area became pretty crowded, and loots were all over the place >.< hehe~

It’s party time! My Viki + my sister’s Viki = Higantes Festival!

My sister also brought with her some ambers she got from missions and booty search. Our area was even more chaotic than ever~

Honey Spider: Look into my eeeyes~ You’re getting sleeeeppy~

After getting kicked out of FT (hehe), it’s now time to earn some vis! We used to sell our stuff using MM’s services. But I thought it is more expensive that way (with deposits and taxes). So we thought of using the personal shop option. With this, taxes are only paid after making a sale, and there is no need for deposits. Also, you don’t have to worry about wasted deposits for unsold items. However, you can’t go anywhere while the shop is open. But I guess it’s better that way; at least, if you’ve grown tired of waiting for people to buy your stuff, you could just close the shop and try again some other time.

Here’s little Uzziel trying to earn a living.

Uzziel: Hey, no fair! This is child labor!

Right now, we are planning on trying the Los Toldos quest, maybe when we both have lots of time off from work. I’m looking forward to do this~ Hopefully, we’ll get new and better items in this quest ^__^.


With some of my characters recently turned into vets, playing GE has not been as, well, addicting as before. But special in-game events and the upcoming new GE version make things exciting again ^___^

This morning, I logged on early and prepared my family for a field trip. Luna, Ninazu and Thanatos packed their things and geared up for the Bravo sword search! Our first stop: Cite de Reboldoeux – to meet the half naked, Half Captain heh. Our mission is to search for 20 swords scattered all over the world to win prizes. The prizes are pretty cool, I think (some say they’re not good enough). I mean, I certainly won’t spend points or vis for snow sprays or wings with added stats, and that mouse hat is SUPER cute!!!

And so our mini-adventure begins. I started to visit low-level areas first. This is actually good for me because I get to visit super old pioneering missions that I wasn’t able to complete :D Also, I get to fight mini-bosses that I used to run away from ahaha! (yesh, feel my daemon slayer!) It’s good to visit Al Quelt Moreza again as I have not been there for a long time and I get to hear the dungeon’s enchanting slash scary music. Also, I get to see the hairy (lesser) daemons and the annoying flock of phobitans at Tetra again (once again...feel my deamon slayeeeer!).

Bravo! We found another sword!

One of the highlights of our family field trip is our visit at Old Port of Coimbra. This is our second time to be here, but we were not able to explore it much. But the the location of Bravo’s sword here is nice that I have to take yet another picture hee~

Hehe, just like tourists taking pictures with a tourist spot at the background (with a free Luna panty shot o_O).

Another accomplishment we had during the field trip is killing Phobitan General (Phobitan Chief’s cousin I think), the level 100 boss at Topolo Durga yey! I’m so proud haha! But the boss only dropped a mega talt and a level 84 knuckle with no stats! Why you, I’m gonna kill you for wasting my bullets! Heniwei, after finding all 20 swords, we went back to half nakey to claim our prize. Super yayness! So, what’s next? Take pictures, of course!

Ninazu: Wow! Luna, what big sword you have!

Thanatos: Lookee! I have a new playmate, and he’s name is Yuki!

Luna: Yey!

Thanatos, Luna and Ninazu: Wooooow~ Snoooow~

Hehe, good-o job-u guys!

Irashai -- Meet the Hemonus Clan!

Type, type, type...upload pics....type, type ulet....enetr codes...save entry...view entry...ACK! Mali!

Check...check...retype, retype....save entry...view entry...ACK! Mali na naman!

Check, check...retype, retype...grrr....save entry....view entry...YESH! Nagwork na!

Mic test....mic test...a-one, a-two...

Welcome to the Hemonus Family! My family was born in July 2008 – former Caracci, now Rembrandt. Currently, it has 16 members with 7 veterans (woot!). This journal is all about the adventures (and misadventures) of the Hemonuses in the world of GE! For my first post, I would like to highlight the family I made and its members. To start off, why Hemonus. You know those times when you want to change things but you just can’t? Well, my choice for a family name is one of those times ehe~. I know, I know, it is hard to remember, and it sounds like ominous (one player even called me Hemorus, which sounds worse I think, like a disease of some sort). I actually had a list of possible family names (haha) before I started playing the game. Sadly, I just have to come up with a less common name as all those in my list were already used. Suddenly (hehe), my sister had this “bright” idea to find a family name in a book....on mammals (kamusta naman talaga). I really wanted to start playing and was getting impatient, so I flipped through the magic mammal book and I found this: Odocoileus hemionus. It is actually a scientific name for a mule deer, which is the largest of its kind (hehe, as if it would justify the name!). I just took out the “i” so I could say it easily and voila~ the Hemonus family is born haha! If changing a name in GE wasn’t so expensive, I might have changed it early on. But the family has already grown and I have grown to love the family name (*sniff), so I’m sticking to Hemonus!

Ok, so let’s move on to introducing the dear members of the family (yey!). I took pictures of some of them hehe. Right now, my favorite powerhouse cast is Uzziel (Viki), Ninazu (Musk) and Luna (Fighter). My favorite basic character is my musketeer, and my favorite RNPC is Uzziel. Other members of the family are Beatrix (Adelina), Casimir (Gracielo), Jimnu (Soho), Ghada (Grace), Fabrice (Andre), Garrick (Claude), Arachne (Catherine) and Sybil (Emilia the Sage). If it’s any consolation, I have actually allotted “extra” time to think of the names of each family member ahahaha! Most of them are names of myth characters, gods and goddesses (oha!).

The Hemonus girls at the park in Coimbra. [L-R]: Sarasvati (wizard), Ninazu (musketeer) and Luna (fighter).

The Hemonus men and boy at Bahama Base Camp. [L-R]: Phoebus (elementalist), Uzziel (Viki) and Thanatos (scout).

Like most families, the Hemonuses are now busy travelling the long (and expensive) journey of vethood. Now that some of them are already vets, I’ve also been busy earning lotsa lotsa vis to spend on those armors and weapons (why oh why do they have to be so damn rare and expensive?! hauuu~). Hopefully, I’ll be able to craft those weapons and armors soon so I can take my family to high-level areas.

I guess this is for now. I’ll end this post with some more pictures of the family goofing around hehe~ Enjoy and enjoy GE!

Megane club at Nimrod Bridge: [L-R] Luna the fighter, Thanatos the scout and Sarasvati the wizard.

[L-R]: Thanatos, Ninazu and Luna at Ustiur Base Camp: Break time muna. Kakapagod ang mga dinosaurs!

Phoebus (elementalist, left): Bakit kaya wala pang bumibili ng tinda nating alimango?

Luna (fighter, center): O nga e. Hinuli pa naman natin yan sa Bahia.

Thanatos (scout, right): Suot ko kaya oil body costume ko? Baka sakali...


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